About Our Network

Welcome to The American Underground

The American Underground Network provides an alternative source of News and Information without the hypervally often found in today’s mainstream media reporting.

We also host an all new Social Network that offers most of the same features as the more popular Social Networking websites, but without the censorship. and with a whole lot more fun!

Some of our features include:

  1. Customized Profile Pages
  2. Follow and gain followers
  3. Private Messaging
  4. Public and Private Chatroom’s
  5. Interest Groups
  6. Activity & Posting Wall
Conservative Corner

This Group is dedicated to fellow conservatives for Discussions, Chat, Sharing Idea’s and media.


The Make America Great Again movement

Members also strive to achieve goals, earning new Titles and Badges. Earn enough points, reach certain membership levels and/or earn select badges…and you could win prizes! And it is all free!