Anti-Malaria drug No. 1 Drug to Treat COVID-19

At some point you have to ask yourself…wtf is wrong with these people on the left? It is as if they would rather see American’s die then to admit that Donald Trump was right…again.

It is now coming out that the Anti-Malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine is in-fact not only working for the treatment of COVID-19, it is the #1 drug to do so. Every medical doctor that has been prescribing it’s use for their COVID-19 patients, agrees.

However, the majority of the Mainstream media will not report this. Why? Would they rather see people die? Did you know that “Hydroxychloroquine” is currently the #1 drug being used to treat COVID-19 illness’s and is being used as such…Worldwide!

Michigan Democratic lawmaker says hydroxychloroquine saved her life…

It is time to wake up to the truth…while you still have time.