What do you do if you’re a washed up Washington swamp creature who sided with Hillary in 2016 and hasn’t actually been a part of a winning Republican political campaign in years?

You start a scam PAC to stay afloat and stay relevant to MSNBC and CNN bookers – and that’s exactly what the scumbags at the “Never Trump” “Lincoln Project” have done.

“Financial disclosures show that over 90 percent of the Lincoln Project’s recent donations went towards nothing other than lining the pockets of those who run the group,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel recently revealed.

The Lincoln Project’s scam artists are as trashy as political grifters can get:

  • When Rick Wilson is not tweeting references to the male anatomy or bodily fluids, he’s calling hardworking Americans stupid and openly wishing for the First Lady to “be infected” with coronavirus.
  • Before he signed up to support China’s preferred presidential candidate Joe Biden, John Weaver signed up to lobby on behalf of a Russia-owned company against President Trump’s sanctions. Weaver is a very principled guy.
  • Steve Schmidt makes Nicolle Wallace look smart. He declared Russian collusion would “be the greatest scandal in the history of the U.S. There will be astounding levels of information about the depth of the conspiracy.” Then the Mueller Report fizzled, and he was left to manufacture new fake controversies easily debunked by anybody with half a brain.
  • You’d think George Conway would get off the couch more often, given that he’s largely unemployed and his membership in Washington’s elite will expire the second President Trump leaves office.

These are the losers behind a handful of unoriginal, lazily produced attack ads that are easily refuted. Their latest ad includes two lies that have already been debunked:

1. The ad falsely claims the coronavirus is “a deadly virus Donald Trump ignored.”

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci said President Trump did not delay at all in combating the virus.
  • Dr. Fauci said the Trump Administration “acted very, very early” to combat the virus.
  • The WHO declared the coronavirus a global health emergency on January 30. The very next day, President Trump announced restrictions on travel from China, despite opposition from Democrats and the media.
  • On February 11, Joe Biden’s top coronavirus advisor Ron Klain said the Trump Administration was “far from doing nothing.”

2. The ad falsely claims “Trump bailed out Wall Street, but not main street.”

The Lincoln Project is nothing but a transparent way for political bottom feeders to make easy money. The Trump campaign encourages all Democrats to light their money on fire by sending money to line these losers’ pockets.