The American underground poll has revealed an interesting but not unexpected results about the differences between the people who support Donald Trump and those who hate him.

What we discovered, in a nutshell, is that Donald Trump supporters are like Sports fans with their favorite team. They are loyal and can not be persuaded by another team, even if the other team offers perks like the promise of a $1000.00 month universal income. Perhaps it is because, while they are most often referenced as uneducated and/or non-college educated, older American’s, they are still to smart to fall for such pie in the sky promises.

However, the most interesting discovery was that those who supported the 45h President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, had several real and honest reasons for their support. Some were not always supportive of how he sometimes expressed himself or the language he used, but appreciated how he stood up for himself and “punched back” when attacked. They also were happy to finally have a president that was actually exposing many of the things that are broken within our Government …exposing the swamp…many would say.

To the contrary, most of those opposed to Donald Trump could not or would not provide an intelligible reason. Some replied with memes, others foul mouthed insults, but very few with an actual reason. Those whom did provide a reason provided the following:

1. He lies to much

2. He worked with Russia to steal the election

3. The Access Hollywood Video “They let you grab them by the pussy”

4. Claims he is a racist

While it was not our intent to Defend Donald Trump in our survey, however we did feel it necessary as well as our duty as a news provider, to correct the record on a few things. First we addressed the Charlottesville claims where the media played only a portion of a clip they utilized to shape the narrative they wanted to portray to the public. We included the actual Clip exposing the hoax.

We just had to laugh about the lying thing. When we asked everyone if they knew of a Politician that had not or did not lie….crickets. As far as the Russian thing, we went through three years of that and $40,000,000 later, 41 lawyers, over 500 witness interviews, etc. , etc. all anyone discovered was that the Clinton campaign was the only ones to work with the Russians in the 2016 Election.

What did become clear is that Trump haters were not receptive to discovering anything that was outside of the reality that the Mainstream media had created in their minds. Even knowing some, if not all, of it was patently false, it was the “Safe space” they craved and did not want to leave.