Soroscrates – Part II

George Soros Influence in American Policies &Politics

George Soros and his son Alex Soros undoubtedly pose an existential threat to our national system of Democracy. While Democrats have been touting the notion that our Democracy and elections are not for sale…they have been selling them to [as pointed out in the first part of this series] to over 30 international “Foundations” lead by none other then Soros and his son.

The Soros Influence is Visible

We can look around and actually see the “Nazi like” influence George Soros and his Democrat Cronies, have had on the streets of our nation. Think we are kidding, take a look for yourself in the video below….

Soros has used his money to buy Influence, Policies and Public Opinion. This is not supposition or mere naked allegations. These are facts which have unfolded right before your eyes. One example can be seen in the Kavanaugh hearings. It’s not so ironic that Soros happens to be connected with the Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. And Mrs. Ford’s attorney even admitted her testimony had been politically motivated.

However, one of the uncontroverted facts is that a member of the “Soros Team” was captured in photos paying “Anti-Kavanaugh” protestors outside of the building where the hearings were being held.

In this image the protestor was photographed outside collecting her cash payment. We also have obtained video from several witnesses that have seen to prehearing and post hearing activities involved in obtaining the “Protestors” information prior to the hearing and then meeting up for their cash payment after being ejected from the hearings. This is the same tactics that the Soros funded groups used to hire protestors during the 2016 Presidential campaign where “Thugs” were hired to disrupt Republican political events.


What we are witnessing is a “Dictatorship by Dollars” being instituted by the Democratic Party. From hiring “Thugs” from Craigslist to attack Americans to creating false media narratives and public opinions, this is clearly not in the interest of Democracy or the American people.