This is a widely over looked email from the 2016 Clinton Campaign. It is of a communication between Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and Bill Ivey, a Global Initiative advocate with close ties to China.

The “Unawareness” Ivey spoke of is the American people’s unawareness that America was no longer a real Democracy. It was a façade, or so that is what they believe. In 2020 we are seeing it might actually be, with a majority of States utilizing a voting system and software known for it’s ability to actually orchestrate a desired election result. But we will address that in another article.

The “Compliance is fading rapidly” refers to the American peoples embrace of Donald Trump. Attending his campaign events and rallies despite the hired thugs [revealed in the Project Veritas videos in 2016] and supporting his bid for the Presidency. The people, at least a third of them, of the United States were not falling in line and complying with the dictates of those in power, including the Deep State.


This should scare the shit out of every American. It seems to indicate that America is being lead down a path of becoming nothing more then a Dictatorship or Oligarchy. This explains the outrage and 4 years of attacks and “Resistance” to the Trump presidency. It was never supposed to be. It was a hiccup in their long coordinated plans.