How much more do American’s need to see before they begin to take their Country back?

As we have pointed out in our earlier article, A Democrat Controlled Future, we have already seen then several Democrat Governors have wielded, and even abused, their power over those they have been elected to serve.

But it gets worse and much more nefarious. First, we will point out how some of these Governors have elected to “punish” those who exercise their 1st Amendment right and dared to speak out. It is also a clear insight into a what has been a growing problem in the United States.

Once Again Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer threatens to punish her States residents with extending “Stay at Home” orders because they had the audacity to actually exercise their Constitutionally protected and guaranteed “First Amendment” in protesting her excessive and draconian “Lock Down” orders. Even the States own legislators denied her request to extend her existing order and intentions to extend it….but she did so anyway, by executive fiat…often used by dictators.

Others has attempted to ruin citizens who have said….”enough”…and took a stand against their States Constitutional offensive “Lock Down”.

Is it Just coincidence that the most Restrictive and Authoritarian measures are being utilized by Democrat Governors? At least one has even admitted that they “did not even consider the Constitution”. Seriously.

The Unrest is spreading. American’s are getting fed up. Some will argue that their safety is jeopardized and thus support these lockdowns and extensions. While they have the right to their opinions and beliefs, they also have the right to remain locked down and in their homes. They DO NOT have the right to demand everyone else do so.

Words For The Wise

In the City of lost Angels, and minds, their leaders have threatened to shut off water and power to businesses “they deem” nonessential if they refuse to comply with their unconstitutional mandates. But it gets better [worse] . Mayors, like NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for New Yorkers to inform on their neighbors.

Some light hearted related humor

Americans need to unite and take their country back from these would be Facist Dictators, before it is to late. These Vindictive Governor’s and Mayors have become drunk with power and wielded it with an iron fist. Their enforcers [ie: police departments] are just as guilty as they are, if they continue to side against the People they are supposed to protect and serve.