Authorities executed a search warrant at the St. Louis mansion of a white couple whose armed defense of their home during a recent racial injustice protest drew widespread attention, their attorney confirmed Saturday.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are personal injury lawyers, were caught on video brandishing guns as demonstrators walked past their Renaissance palazzo-style home on June 28 while headed to protest outside of the mayor’s home nearby. The video showed Mark McCloskey, 61, wielding a long-barreled gun and Patricia McCloskey, 63 standing next to him waving a handgun.

Joel Schwartz, the couple’s lawyer, said a search warrant was served Friday evening and that the gun Mark McCloskey was holding in the video was seized. Schwartz told The Associated Press that arrangements have been made to turn over to authorities on Saturday the gun that Patricia McCloskey had been holding, adding that her gun was inoperable at the time of the protest and still is.

The couple has not been charged, and Schwartz said charges against them would be “absolutely, positively unmerited.


However, in a completely unconstitutional exercise, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, who is St. Louis’ top prosecutor, issued a statement after the June 28 incident in which she said she was “alarmed” by what happened and that “any attempt to chill (the right to peacefully protest) through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.” She went on to secure a search warrant and, upon execution, seized the couples firearms.

The Couple has grounds under USC subsection 1983, and additional federal authorities, to file Federal legal action against the City, the State and The District Attorney. The District attorney normally enjoy Qualified immunity. However, her actions breech that immunity as what she did was utilize the “Color of Law” in order to violate the couples right. As a District Attorney she could not possibly claim she did not know her actions were unconstitutional.

This District Attorney is another Leftist who is owned by George Soros, whom funded 70% of her campaign.