Building The Master Raceless & Faithless Utopia

The rise of Hitler began his rise to power in 1933, after losing an election a year earlier. Historians [wrongfully] claim that the “Workers” party was “Right Wing”, however in America today we see it is the far left wing that most resembles the then Workers Party which were essentially “Socialist” like America’s Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Adolf Hitler, an unremarkable artist who would rise to become the dictator of Germany and the instigator of the Holocaust, was not as a person, a charismatic character; biographer Ian Kershaw described him as an “empty vessel outside his political life.” Once he achieved fame, Hitler was able to cover up his rather off-putting personality with media images of a cultured gentleman beloved by children and animals. It was Hitler’s power as a speaker that gained him notice and the attention of both the Workers party and the People of Germany, according to historians. See The Article here.

Does Hitler sound like anyone we all know?

During his rise to power, and after becoming the Supreme authority in Nazi era Germany, Hitler built a demonazation of the Jewish people…which was more a faith of people then a race. Much like the modern day left has began demonizing White, Christens here in America.

As can be seen in this video, and more so in abundance on Social Media, the Media has even managed to brainwash “White People” into self loathing for being born White. That is something even Hitler and his State Controlled Media were unable to do to the target of their hate and division.

Now lets jump ahead to 2020 America. If this Corona Virus has revealed anything it is that the left / democrat Governors have gotten drunk with power. And like most drunks, they have revealed their true natures for all to see.

One of the worst of the bunch has to be Michigan governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer. While most all of the Democrat Run Cities were subjected to extended State “Lockdowns” and business closures, Governor Whitmer decided she would dictate and punish her States residents while keeping them locked down. First she ordered that those few Stores which were allowed to remain open, like Grocery Stores, Wal-Marts and Target; would only be permitted to sell food and items SHE deemed to be essential.

Target, Wal-Mart and other stores were forced to close off entire isles of goods so shoppers could not purchase items from those area or departments. As bad as other left wing Governors have been, none have displayed the disdain or dictatorial tendencies she has. At least not yet.

As we pointed out in our previous article about the rise of evil in America Every Democrat Governor also forced Churches and other places of worship to remain closed while abortion clinics and marijuana dispensaries were allowed to remain open. Apparently ending the lives of children and getting high were deemed essential, while those of faith who wish to engage in worship were not.

Ironically, the most restrictive Governors are those who still have the highest and growing numbers of deaths and infections. All are Democrats, all Democrat leaning and all who are pushing for “Mail in Voting” and financial collapse. In-Effect these Democrat Governors want to create an atmosphere ripe for voter fraud and Government dependence by there states residence. The Democrat Utopia.

If you are having a difficult time believing that some, if not all, of these Governors are using the Coronavirus to further their agenda, here are two questions:

1. Mich. Governor Whitmer : Bans Motorized Boats on Michigan lakes during the “Lock Down”, but non-motorized boats were ok. The Green Agenda?

2. Democrat Governors in NJ, Mich., NV, CA, Etc. closed down churches, even ticketing attendees of Parking lot attendees ie: Social distanced and remaining in their vehicles, suppressing any faith worship…but bunching into Wal-Mart and Costco, etc. was ok.

We have shown you in our earlier articles that the Democratic party cares nothing for the well being of Americans. Their façade is clear and if you have failed to see it it is because you have chosen to ignore facts and simply elected a blind fidelity to a Political party.

We have all heard stories about the Nazi occupation of Germany and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Many of us are too young to have witnessed or remember anything about that period. We here at The American Underground suggest you do the research…seriously.

Hitler utilized German youth groups, known as the Brown Shirts or Sturmabteilung, to intimidate decenters. These groups were recruited and trained to carry out their role.

Did you know that, under the Obama Administration, Democrats were also building Militant youth groups? Don’t believe it? Watch the video below.

Here comes Obama’s Brown Shirts?
H.R. 1388 may have set the stage.
Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (GIVE act), HR 1388

It is a fact that every major oppression and atrocity in American History was in-fact during periods of Democrat control. We showed you how Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer punished her states residents by limiting the items they could purchase during the Coronavirus lockdown. Did you know she also punished, or threatened to punish them with a longer lockdown for having the audacity to exercise their 1st Amendment rights by protesting her oppressive lockdown and tactics.

It is a fact that every major oppression and atrocity in America’s history has occurred under the control and direction of the Democrats. From the formation of the KKK and oppression of black Americans, placing Japanese’s in internment camps and opposition of equal rights for Blacks and Woman. They have used the Police and Federal law enforcement agencies against the American people, though these agencies are alleged to exist to serve the American people and whom have taken oaths to UPHOLD and DEFEND the Constitution…another façade. They are more often used as nothing more then enforcers and, sometimes, executioners.

Police Arrest Mom for Allowing Kids to Play

Watch as these Police officers arrest a mother for allowing her kids to play in a playground in Ohio. She was not alone at this park area as you can hear many outraged Ohio citizens shouting at the Police for their actions.
These are officers who took an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution and the law. Food for thought, State Governors do not have the authority to Make law(s), on the legislators may do that. The Ohio legislation has made no such law. Ironically, the Michigan state legislator are currently suing it’s Governor for her draconic and extended lockdown.

Before you say the Government would never do that, or be allowed to do something like that…lets take a walk down memory lane of what the Government, Police and FBI did under a Democrat President and Attorney General.

Branch Davidian Religious Compound – Suspicious and Untrusting of Government

Less then a year before the Waco massacre Federal agents killed a mother and Child at Ruby Ridge. Neither was the target of their subject of their alleged law enforcement effort.
One can not even imagine the pandemonium we would experience if anything like this happened under the Trump administration.

It is time American’s start being honest with themselves. Our nation is divided for sure. And justifiably so. Anyone who is still supporting a Democrat controlled State or nation is a danger to real democracy, freedom and civilized Americans. They are the enemy of the America we claim to be.

We can not ignore the Historical facts and occurrence’s. We cannot continue to make excuses. Under the liberal hero [Obama] administration over 300,000 Veterans died waiting on lists for healthcare. Was anyone fired? No, they were given bonuses for efficiency.

VA 2015

The report also says VA workers incorrectly marked thousands of unprocessed health-care applications as completed and may have deleted 10,000 or more electronic “transactions” over the past five years.

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A New Documovie is due for release soon “The Rising Storm” that will further open your eyes to the History in the making. The attempts to turn America in a communist dictatorship has long been planned and it is evidenced in the documentary. Keep an eye out for it.

Editors Note

This article is a wake up call to all freedom loving Americans. We are trying to bring to your attention just a small portion of the Historical atrocities that have occurred under Democrat’s. Some a distant past, others as recent as 2016. If we, as American’s, keep closing our eyes to the facts of the past we may not have a future. The only difference between then and now is then they at least tried to mask it. Now, as can be seen by the Democratic Governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, ware there oppressive nature like a badge of honor.