As revealed in Part I of this series several powerful people otherwise known as “elites” were caught, pardon the pun, Red Handed. But that was just scratching the surface. So was the Child Sex trafficking. The depravity goes much deeper.

What if we told you that the Child trafficking trade was not only for their use as sexual slaves and the deprevity that follows? Imagine people at the highest levels of Government, Influence and the entertainment industies were using these children for activites only the most evil of beings could even fathom.

WARNING: the remainder of this series of articles may contain subject matter and images that may be offensive and/or tramatic to some viewers.

Perhaps you have seen the latest rash of information coming to light about the “Drug of the Elites” known as Adrenochrome. It has even been rumored that is is a kind of Fountain of youth.

Now Comes The Really Sickening Part…..

The Investigation Revealed

Continued at Part III – Modern Day Vampires Are Real