U.S. cases of the coronavirus have more than doubled since Wednesday morning, a development experts said to expect as the country ramps up its testing capabilities.

Health officials report more than 14,000 cases – up from over 6,000 on Wednesday morning – and more than 200 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

Bing COVID-19 tracker: Latest numbers by country and state

New York has over 5,000 cases as of Friday morning, which is more than three times higher than any other state. Gov. Andrew Cuomo reiterated on Thursday that he has no plans to issue mass quarantine orders, despite New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio floating the idea of a shelter in place mandate earlier this week. 

Washington, which reports the most deaths of any state at 74, and California, which has at least 18 fatalities, both have more than 1,000 cases of the virus. 

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a stay at home order on Thursday night for the state’s 40 million residents. San Francisco and other counties already made similar orders earlier this week. 

Newsom said that those who work in “critical” sectors should still go to work and that grocery stores, pharmacies and banks will stay open.

President Donald Trump on Thursday told the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track the development of therapeutics, which he said could be available “almost immediately” for prescription use.

Congress has been working with the White House to offset economic hardships caused by the coronavirus. Americans who make less than $100,000 a year would receive up to $1,200 under Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus measure.

The State Department on Thursday raised its travel advisory to the highest level, telling Americans to avoid international travel and calling for anyone who is abroad to return home or prepare to shelter where they are.

Globally, officials have recorded more than 245,000 cases and 10,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins. Italy on Thursday met a bleak milestone, surpassing China as the country with the most coronavirus deaths.