Fox News has bitten the hand that feeds them one too many times and now they’re paying the price

Fox Isn’t just getting walloped in the ratings, they’re also taking a huge hit on social media. But we need a lot more. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich reported on their Facebook follower losses: 

“FoxNews has lost over 200,000 Facebook followers, that’s an astounding amount when you consider that’s *manual* unlikes from real people, not just the usual falloff all big pages have.”

The sour taste in Fox viewers began with Chris Wallace and his biased debacle of the 1st Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But Bret Baier’s quick hop on the Biden train, or anti-trump train…along with the much to early calling of Az. for candidate Biden, were the final straws.

While Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity still enjoy the highest rated spots on Cable News, many viewers have began a mass transfer over to Newsmax and OANN who’s rating are now soaring.