As the Mainstream media seeks to stoke fear and panic and claim that hospitals are like M.A.S.H. units in the middle of a battlefield, people everywhere have began filming their local hospitals to see if the claims of carnage are true. And guess what….not so much.

The Mainstream media has proven it could no longer be trusted. After three years of relentless assaults’ on President Trump in an effort to derail his administration, and going so far as to out right lie to the American public on several occasions, Citizens have began to gather their own information. Several “Citizen Journalists” have popped up on the scenes and have been providing more reliable NEWS then many seasoned and titled New Casters and alleged Professional Journalists.

It was one such Citizen Journalist that figured out the CBS news was using Hospital footage from a busy Hospital in Italy, and claiming it was a New York Hospital.

ABC News made a similar mistake last fall when it aired footage from a Kentucky gun range while falsely claiming it depicted a fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces.

The network aired the footage framing it as battlefield video, when, in fact, it appears to be from a night gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Ky.

The Mainstream media have surrendered any integrity it may have had left in an effort to make President Trump and the Trump administration look bad. The FCC should seriously consider license reclassifications as more and more media stations become more like Alt State Media propaganda.