The Democrat party….the one that so many American’s believe look out for the working man and woman… just voted a good ol’ fuck you to all of them. The Modern democratic party is nothing like the Regan Democrat era of the party.

One has to ask, why a Democrat Representative within the United States Congress, is demanding concessions for “illegal immigrants” in a bill aimed at providing aide to American’s?

Ilhan Omar calls for Concessions for illegal immigrants in Aide Package for American’s effected by COVID-19 Lockdown.

This is the type of cancer that is growing within the Democratic party and our United States Congress. A dangerous cancer which will grow if not addressed and/or removed. No one opposes legal immigration. Our nation was built on it. But if the current crises has taught us anything us anything it should open our eyes to what can happen if people come into our nation that we know nothing about or what they might be carrying. Be it a Virus, or a Dirty bomb, this is simply to great a danger to risk.