How The Democratic Party Mocks The Black Community

We all recognize that racisms has been prevalent in America for far too long. The Black community has legitimate complaints and is rightfully upset and angry at the injustices upon it, which continue in every day life. But is any of it at least partially their own fault?

Blacks mostly voted Republican from after the Civil War and through the early part of the 20th century. That’s not surprising when one considers that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, and the white, segregationist politicians who governed Southern states in those days were Democrats. The Democratic Party didn’t welcome blacks then, and it wasn’t until 1924 that blacks were even permitted to attend Democratic conventions in any official capacity. Most blacks lived in the South, where they were mostly prevented from voting at all.

The primary “Big Switch” came in 1964 after President Lyndon B. Johnson pushed through the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 (outlawing segregation in public places). Johnson got 94 percent of the black vote that year, still a record for any presidential election. At the time we are sure Black Americans did not know that Johnson was an avowed racist and has become best known for his remark “we will have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

A brief History [which is being erased and misrepresented in modern academia] reveals that most of those who owned slaves in America were, in fact, Democrats. When Republican leaders and American Soldiers, white and black fighting side by side, were victorious over the Southern armies fighting to retain slaves and slavery…it was Democrats who formed the Ku Klux Klan in order to intimidate and control the newly freed Southern Blacks.

The Democrats agenda was the “Resistance”. In 2016 the Democrats, clinging to their symbolisum, once again dubbed their agenda…”The Resistance”. In 1865 the Democrats reistance was “Resistance to the Republican Party’s policies aimed at establishing economic and equality for blacks. In 2016 the Democrats Resistence agenda is once again aimed at stoping Republicans from policies aimed at establishing a strong econmy, elevation of minorites and exposing the Lefts / Democrats attempts to remake America into a Socialist-Communist nation to be ruled over by the Elites…enslaving every American.

While LBJ did sign the Civil Rights Act, it was passed by the Republican majority who had been pushing equal and civil rights legislation for blacks, against Democratic opposition, for decades.
While Acadamia and Historians attempt to twist Historical facts, facts are a tricky thing. They do not change. However, as we have witnessed as of late, the Democrats and their allies will relentless continue to repeat a lie long after they know it is a lie.

Some Historical Political Facts

In 1939 another Democrat President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt aka: FDR, turned away a shipload of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany.
They were returned to Europe…and were eventually slaughtered by the Nazi’s.

Democrat Bull Connor Fought Integration for Blacks
George Wallace (D) had to be threatened with Nation Guard

Did you know that is was again a Democrat president that placed the Japanese Americans in internment camps during WW II? Yes, it is also a fact. See for yourself.

In-Fact, ever major Civil rights and Human atrocity in the United States occurred under Democrat control and was executed by Democrats. From the purchasing and use of slaves to the slaughter of woman and children in both Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, they all occurred under Democrat leadership.