In 2016 the Democratic party and the DNC were busted [on Video] engaging in, not only attempting to rig the Election for Hillary Clinton, but organizing violent attacks upon any American supporting opposition candidates

Meanwhile, as we would come to discover, there was an active behind the scenes effort by the nations once premiere law enforcement agency, the FBI, to establish an “Insurance Policy” if you will, to ensure against a potential Donald J. Trump presidency.

Where else but in America 2016-2020 do you see what we, the American people, have seen? Well, as early as the 1900’s we saw similar tactics in Hitler’s rise to power and the establishment of Nazi Germany. But in truth, this has been the pattern in nearly every rise of the ruling class and dictatorships.

In-fact the would be ruling class has a jump on most of those other scenarios as they already have willing allies in a Media that purports itself to be News, and entrenched Social Media which subscribes to dictatorial edicts like censorship and suppression of opposing views and narratives. While the Political left find it convenient to deny or ignore these truth, which are self evident, we do not have time to wait for them to realize that the same tools can and will be used against them as well someday. Perhaps sooner then they think.

Anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention knows that Democratic party turned crazed at the election of Donald Trump. The mainstream media was quick to attack and demonize those who voted for Trump.

Media attacks Trump Voters

This was only the beginning. The media would come to pound there narrative into the human Psyche for the next four years following the 2016 Election, in order to divide America and turn Americans against each other based upon their political leanings. The media has become very cocky and secure in their power over peoples thoughts and feelings. Their ability to “Control what people think”, as one commentator put it. What they did not count on was Donald J. Trump and his apolitical style. He was the first to call out the media as “Fake News”. While many Americans had already began developing a distrust of the mainstream media, the often baseless and opening hostile and bias attacks upon him by the media not only enhanced that mistrust, it cause the media to expose itself for what it had become. Basically the propaganda wing of the Democratic party and the political left.

The media’s zeal to attack all things Trump has lead to instances leading to multi-million dollar settlements for attacking High schools student wearing “Make American Great Again” baseball caps in support of their President Donald Trump. Promoting a false and misleading narrative meant to paint Trump supporters as racist several media outlets subjected themselves to liability for failing to report an accurate depiction of what occurred at a widely witnessed event involving several high school students from the Catholic high school. Thankfully, an attorney seasoned in lawsuits involving defamation, stepped up and represented one of the students who, at the time of the writing of this article, the Washington Post [WaPo] and CNN have settled lawsuits against them for hundreds of millions of dollars. These media powers had become so used to being permitted unabated attacks on Trump and his supporters that they deemed themselves “Untouchables”.

However, we are sure that these awards against them were covered by there allies and those providing funding for their subversive attacks upon America and Americans. Think about it. CNN, once the #1 rated news network and considered a reliable source of news and information, has been sinking in ratings for nearly four years. This has been due to its open bias and fabrication or promotion of fabricated salacious attacks upon Donald Trump. Now, anyone with even the slightest business sense, would tell you…as a business model, this was a formula for failure. So why would CNN continue along the same unwavering path? It is because someone, or some entity(s) were compensating them for their losses. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination or knowledge to figure out who those entities may be. Let’s start with the DNC and/or Democratic party, and the Dictator by Dollars, George Soros.

Philadelphia Riots 10/27/2020

Meanwhile the Media, the Democrats and even the Democratic Presidential Candidates campaign and Vice President candidate essential encourage rioting, looting and violence against American’s, in major U.S. Cities. This is encouraging many of nations major Militia’s to prepare to take action. ACLED and MilitiaWatch caution in the report that the militias may be active in capitals, peripheral towns, medium-population cities and suburban areas with centralized zones. The joint report also said North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, California and New Mexico are at moderate risk to experience active militias. “Militia groups and other armed non-state actors pose a serious threat to the safety and security of American voters,” the study said. “Throughout the summer and leading up to the general election, these groups have become more assertive, with activities ranging from intervening in protests to organizing kidnapping plots targeting elected officials.” They write that the groups train for urban and rural combat, use propaganda and act as “security operations” for online and in-person events. “There is an increasing narrative and trend that groups are organizing to ‘supplement’ the work of law enforcement or to place themselves in a narrowly defined ‘public protection’ role in parallel with police departments of a given locale,” the report said.

he report names nine militias as the “most active” in the U.S. that could take action leading up to or after the election, including Three Percenters, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Light Foot Militia, Civilian Defense Force, American Contingency, Patriot Prayer, Boogaloo Bois and People’s Rights.

Sam Jones, an ACLED spokesman, told USA Today his organization and MilitiaWatch have tracked more than 80 groups since the beginning of the summer, with most being right-wing groups.

“Still, these risks do not mean that violence is inevitable,” Jones said. “Voters should not be intimidated. Rather, we hope people are able to use the data to evaluate their own threat environment and organize locally to stay safe, reduce polarization in their communities and, ultimately, mitigate the risk of violence.”