United States Congressman Eric Swallwell (D-CA 15th District) altered the information of a Tweet that he claimed was evidence, before the United States Senate in an Impeachment Trial of former President Donald J. Trump. This is a felony crime.

Controversial and compromised Congressman Eric Swalwell presented evidence in the impeachment “trial” of President Trump that was clearly and provably modified on Wednesday. A tweet presented by Swalwell from the verified Twitter account @JenLawrence21 retweeted by President Trump on January 3rd. The only problem is that Jennifer Lawrence, (the awesome one; one not the actress) doesn’t have a verified Twitter account and never has.

After a disastrous run for President that failed to materialize It didn’t get better when it was revealed that he had been sleeping with a CCP intelligence agent compromising national security. Despite these humiliations, Swalwell was selected as one of the House impeachment managers. 

Similarly altered video montages have been used regularly by the Democrats prosecuting the case. These montages splice together thousands of hours of video to make it seem like events that happened often weeks and months apart actually happened together. It’s what they have always falsely accused James O’Keefe and Project Veritas of doing with their legendary undercover videos.

This is ridiculous America, you can’t alter evidence and lie in a federal trial, especially an impeachment trial. If this was reversed, democrats would be calling for the arrest of conservative congressional members.