America is in the Final Stage of Totalitarianism through Anarchy


If 2020 has shown us anything it is that Americans have become too, complacent and submissive and easy to subjugate by the most obnoxious and violent in our Society, who are in the minority. Not every American, but far too many.

There are entities within America that have been working to bring down great nation. They have been here and operating for decades [if not longer] and have only recently become known as “The Left”, but is more appropriately called The Democratic Party. However, these entities have become more vocal and visual within the last decade, no longer operating in secret and silence. In-fact they have openly shown who they are and what they stand for once they felt they had the proper allies in place.

Black Lives Matter Sponsored Protest Riots During Obama Administration

Under President Barrack Obama there were several Protest-Riot’s, three of which are time lined and picture represented above. But we [those of us who were paying attention] saw how dangerous “The Left” has become to America and it’s continued Democracy. Take a look at the Black Lives Matter Sign above [ lower right hand corner]. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign the DNC and Hillary Clinton election campaigns utilized a variety of thugs and Leftist to intimidate rival candidates supporters in an effort to interfere in our nation elections. Some of these efforts were captured on video in an undercover investigation conducted by James O’keefe of Project Veritas. The video below reveals the authenticity of these claims.

The Left – Communist Movement

You may have heard some conservative new media claim that “The Left” is a move towards a communist society, and you probably wrote it off as some conspiracy theory nonsense or such. Well here we will show you the evidence, and the link directly to the Democratic Party and it’s financial backers. One of the most dangerous of those backers is someone we are sure you have heard of by now. George Soros. Why is Soros so dangerous? He is a multi-billionaire who has openly vowed that he has dedicated his life to destroying America. He has stated he Hates America and everyone in it.

George Soros – 1979 Newsweek Interview

In a 1979 Newsweek Interview George Soros stated that he had made it “his life’s mission” to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES. He admitted that he hated America and all of the people in it. For decades Soros has been funding Organizations and Political candidates in order to place people he believes would best serve his agenda. He supported both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns and has recently began helping to get local candidates, mostly State Attorney Generals, get elected in furtherance of his bigger Agenda. But we are not going to bore you with the vast activities of Soros and his son geared towards the destruction of the American economy, democracy and freedom of the American people.

It is not coincidence that we began seeing these efforts and organizations promoting voidance, riots and destruction within America’s major Cities, subsequent to the election of Barrack Obama and his appointment of Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. There is evidence that both may have been “Recruited” in their college years by radical communist influencers, though we can not definitively confirm this.

Obama-Clinton Influencers

After his last election Barrack Obama appointed John Brennan as his director of America’s Central Intelligence Agency. The nation’s top intelligence agency with access to a vast array of sensitive information. Brennan is also a communist and voted for a communist Presidential candidate in 1980. What kind of American president would appoint a communist to the CIA, one has to ask.
Many of Barrack Obama’s secrets have come out since he has left office, no thanks to the mainstream media. Independent investigators discovered facts and photo’s which would have been detrimental to Obamas Presidential asperations had they been revealed before his elections.

Bill De Blasio – The Early Years

The current New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. and he has changed his name three (3) times in order to buffer himself from his past as a communist and supporter of the Sandinista Liberation Front. These are just a few examples of People who were placed in High Positions within our State and local governments and Government agencies who are known communists.
But it is not just communists activities within our nation that has brought us to this place in our nations history. We have also allowed our Government and it’s agencies, Congress and Senate to be infiltrated by openly hostile malcontent who have lobbied against some of our closest allies in an attempt to alienate us from them.

Coverups and Brainwashing

We used to call the concept of “Brainwashing” a Conspiracy theory or just plain crazy. Then came the internet. With access to vast arrays of information, and the declassification of documents and video’s of old {and new} we have been able to learn that Brainwashing is real, and has been utilized on the American public. Simply Google “Operation Mockingbird”. The nations media have long been ready, willing and able to be weaponized against the American public…and have been…successfully. Some have even admitted that they believe it is their job to control what people think.

MSNBC Host Mika Brzenzinski on Morning Joe

Morning Joe Co-Host Mika Brzezinski let slip, in a pre-2016 election broadcast, that it is “Our Job” [the media] to “Control what people think”. Former Obama A.G. was captured on video talking about brainwashing kids about guns in order to enact Gun Control in America. He stated that WE have to change the way people think about guns by putting it on Television every day and just “Really Brainwash people”

This may all seem just crazy or just too way out there to believe. However, every assertion can be very easily fact checked. We encourage you to do so, as you should with every Story come out of todays media. Find alternative sources as it has become abundantly clear that the media all parrot each other these days. See Video Below: This is what mind control looks like

While we support everyone’s right to think and feel however they wish, or are told to and willingly comply; we find ourselves in a conundrum with the Media’s twisting of truth and facts. But it is not just the media. The majority of, if not all, of our Politicians often convey untruths. However, we have noticed that many members of the Democrat party often repeat the “untruths” over, and over and over. They do this even after they know what they are conveying is untrue, a tactic taken from the WW II Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels in which he states “If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth” .

When this type of repeated deception becomes the norm, we are little better then Nations like North Korea, China and other Nations who’s population are fed a “Controlled Information” through the Nations media. In this Country the media also provides voice and platform to various political members who are allowed to get on our nations airwaves and yet feed the viewing population the same, and often more, untruths.

The Coup 2016

As we have come to discover, during Election 2016 there was a very real and active conspiracy to subvert the will of over 60 Million American voters, by several of our Nation’s alleged Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies and organizations. Leadership at the FBI and several high ranking FBI Personal have been fired since the details of what they engaged in has become public and there are several Inspector General investigations into the matter which may result in criminal prosecutions.

So when does it become enough? The Media is using our cable television airwave to brainwash and lie to us, our taxpayer funded agencies are being weaponized against us and, as in 2016, used to install leaders THEY want….not the ones WE THE PEOPLE want. The once clandestine forces working against the “American Experiment” and working to bring our nation down, threw off its covers with the Election of Barrack Obama in 2008. It was a slow reveal but became more accelerated after Obama’s re-election in 2012.

This is not to put the blame on Obama. It was simply the apparent popularity of his left leaning policies that have emboldened the once hidden agenda of the Democratic party, to become more visible. Unlike other nations who moved towards socialisms on their way to complete dictatorial rule, the Left / Democrats are not attempting to use the using the traditional military or organized Policing forces for physical dominance.

The Left Leaning Democratic factions within the United States are instead fomenting racial divides and anarchy to mobilize American citizens against each other. While most of America’s youth has been programed, by the nations education systems, to harbor disdain for their own Country through falsified propaganda historical depictions, it has become easy to utilize them to further their goals and agendas. This is why we are seeing and experiencing more and more violent and demanding riots, masquerading as protests, on America’s streets…and more and more often.