The Year It Took A President To Make Governors Protect & Serve Their Cities Residents

WASHINGTON — President Trump upbraided several governors in a tense call Monday after days of rioting nationwide amid the marches over the police-custody killing of George Floyd in Minnesota — telling the state leaders they would look “weak” if they didn’t come down harder on protesters, and singling out New York  and the NYPD over the looting that gripped the city over the weekend.

The president began the conference call by criticizing governors for their response to the week-long crisis, saying they were being soft on demonstrators — many who have co-opted the outcry over Floyd’s death for their own purposes with mass looting and violence possibly prompted by outside organizations.

“You have to dominate,” Trump told state leaders on the call, according to audio obtained by the New York Times.

After essentially threatening several Democrat Mayor’s, who had allowed the destruction, looting and burning of their cities business, that he would send in the Military to defend the Cities Residents and Businesses; Cities most effected…like Los Angels, Minn. and Washington… did step up their efforts and put police on the streets.

Why did it take a Presidential threat of using the Military to get City Governors to protect their own cities people and local businesses? Think about that next time you are voting for those who will represent you and your city….next time you step into that voting booth.