National Shut Down? So far most of the States within the Country have been “Shut Down”, for all intent and purposes. Some states, like California, has mandated “Home Quarantine or Shelter in Place” due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Buy any measure, these are extreme measures within our Country. A little too extreme under the circumstances.

Since the recognition and discovery of the Virus in the United States [3 1/2 Months] we have three-hundred and sixty [360] deaths nation wide, that are being attributed to COVID-19, Coronavirus. Meanwhile;

There will be over 600,000 Cancer deaths this year, meaning there has been nearly 200,000 so far. According to CDC Estimates there are from 30 to 60 thousand deaths from the Flu so far this year. The United States has allowed over 80,546 unborn babies to be murdered through abortion.
In Chicago, 381 people have been shot this year to date.

Think About It

The Coronavirus has been operating in the United Sates for months since the Boarders of our nation have been closed. The virus is said to show symptoms within 5 to 11 days. Do the math. It is reasonable to conclude that the number of hospitalizations and deaths would be fairly higher by now, such as with the flu this year alone, had the Coronavirus been as big a problem and threat as it is being made out to be.

While all life is sacred, by comparison, this Coronavirus pandemic has killed less people in the United States the amount of people shot in Chicago, year to date.

So why has the entire nation been shut down. Many citizens mandated to remain in their homes except for Hospital visits or food and necessity shopping.

So What is really going on? While we do not know if anything nefarious is going on, we do feel everyone should look at the facts and form their own opinions. Let us know your what you think.